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Why use Creek Consulting?

Creek Consulting is a unique building industry company focussed on small-scale construction and renovation works for the Real Estate and Tourism markets.

We recognize that building functionality and aesthetic appeal are both hugely important to potential home buyers and to visiting tourists alike. The need to stage a property in its best light, but within the tight time frames that both property sales and paying visitors dictate, cannot be understated.

Creek Consulting  specialize in defect analysis, by providing solid advice on effective, timely and cost considerate repairs, in offering fixed price estimates, and the guarantee of completion to suit the customer’s needs.

One of our key mandates is communication, always keeping customers appraised of any change in scope of project, as it happens, during the course of the work. Not at the end of the contract, which always leads to distrust, misunderstanding, and inevitable difficulties with Final Accounting.


Our specialization

Small carpentry works are our speciality. Often projects that most contractors won't take on. With our background in building defect analysis, we won't overkill your project, but will do enough to make your property look ready for sale, or ready for occupation.


Unique products to suit your style and building. We've built beds, cupboards, closets, kitchens and much much more.

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Market your business with a unique sign to suit your budget and style. We've built a number of custom signs for customers on a made-to-measure basis. Working with printed graphics from local suppliers, and usually encompassing natural wood products, we can draw people to your business with eye catching designs.

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Don't under-estimate the value that building a treehouse will bring to your property, not to mention the hours of free child-care it affords you. From grand palaces like this one to simple decks, tree-houses can be fun and affordable. Visiting customer's will love seeing their kids enjoy childhood how they remember it before cell-phone screens!

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